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Actualité du Vendredi 20 Mai 2005 au Samedi 21 Mai 2005

NEUROMUSE : séminaire

A l'Accademia  Internazionale della Musica / Scuole Civiche Milano (Milan). 
IRMUS, Institut de Recherche Musicale.
Séminaire / Workshop : "création musicale et réseaux de neurones", "Playing Musical Categories Using Simple Artificial Neural Networks" par Frédéric Voisin.

Recent advances in the last decades in cognitive sciences, neurobiology and computer sciences make artificial neural networks more pliable in musical applications. This connectionnist paradigm, which is dramatically different to traditional computing, requires a variety of approaches, from the more factual (biology, physics, computing) to the more abstract (sciences of cognition, sociology, artificial intelligence).
After a short introduction to some principles of neurocomputation, I will present artificial neural networks architectures, study their capabilities and point out new perspectives in human-computer interaction, for both non-real time and real-time musical applications (augmented interfaces, knowledge based systems, machine learning...). This presentation is based on several musical performances I'm developping in the neuromuse project (, since 1999. Then, a workshop open to computer equiped participants can stand for exploring musical applications with neural systems.
Frédéric Voisin

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